Little Ninjas Karate Classes for children ages 3-4. $19.95 for 3 Classes and a T-Shirt.  Click Here for more information!

Change Your Life with Us

Who We Are

Focus Karate Academy is a martial arts training school located in Edina, Minnesota.  We specialize in youth enrichment karate classes in the greater Minneapolis area.  Our classes are fun, and they emphasize health, fitness, self defense, and self confidence.

Where We Work

All youth, children's & kids karate, martial arts, and Jiu-Jitsu classes will be held at 7119 Amundson Avenue in Edina Minnesota.

What We Teach

Focus Kids Karate Academy offers martial arts training classes are for children of all ages. We guide children in their develop of self defense skills, while at the same time increasing their fitness, self-confidence and discipline. Focus Kids Karate Academy strives for great after school kids fun and fitness.

Youth Karate Classes for children ages 5-17. Try our 7 Day Free Trial. Click Here for more information!